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Colour Swatch

Colour Swatch

Interactive Apps / Services

Show a visual reference of the true colour or pattern of your colour matrix options.


$ 14.95 USD - Monthly Subscription

Description : Available on the Lightspeed app Marketplace, the Color Swatch app works in conjunction with the product matrix color options that you setup in the Lightspeed Retail.

Seen on a given product page, the app's primary functionality allows you to offer a visual image reference (swatches) in place of or in addition to the standard option select menu that eCom offers for the customer to select their preferred color.

These swatches can be for a solid color or fabric patterns and are an alternative to text - red, green blue.

The app reads the matrix options setup in the product data uploaded to your eCom catalog and provides an administrative area for you to assign color or pattern swatches (images) onto the product's colour options.

On the Web Store, when a visitor clicks on a color swatch, the color option field will be updated accordingly, and that will activate any of the default eCom functionality associated with that color selection (e.g. the main product image changes).

- Ideal for products that have many colors and pattern options
- Visitor interaction (UX) with swatches updates product info/images
- Self-administration tools gives you complete control of swatches

Why this App/Service : A visual image reference of the true colour or pattern is more informative than text showing in a dropdown menu of options and encourages visitor interaction (UX).