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Daily Deal Timer

Daily Deal Timer

Interactive Apps / Services

Create a 'Sense of Urgency' during a Sale Event to encourage shopping immediately.


$ 400.00 USD - One-time

Description : The Daily Deal Timer app works in conjunction with the existing sale functionality within the eCom Web Store and is self-administered.

Usually seen on your homepage or product pages, this countdown clock will show visitors the time left on a given Sale Event, thus helping to create a 'Sense of Urgency'.

When a Sale Event has been established site wide or category specific, the timer can show a countdown clock indicating the time left before the sale closes.

Self-administrative access allows you to set and activate the timer and have it disappear when it has counted down to zero.

System can also send you, the Web Store owner, an email notification, that the timer has stopped, thus allowing you to update internally your Sale Event activation in Lightspeed Retail.

- Create sense of urgency
- Notification emails
- Self-administrative control of timer

Why this App/Service : To create a 'Sense of Urgency' and encourage immediate shopping online during a sale event.