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Form Processor

Form Processor

Administrative Apps / Services

Create forms with custom fields, on your eCom Web Store, to gather additional details from you customer, outside of the checkout process.


$ 400.00 USD - One-time
  • Flow Graph Illustrating the Form Processor App

  • Example of Form Processor App used on an eCom web store

  • Admin view of the Form Processor App

Description : There are times that additional information needs to be gathered from users looking to purchase certain products on your eCom Web Store.

The Form Processor is an - administrative application - that we can installed and allows the Web Store owner, to display and handle all submissions, along with email reply content.

The form(s) can be customized visually to match the theme's design and programmed with all the necessary - fields - so as to collect the  data and format it.  The apps functionality includes emails distribution of content to assist in fulfillment.

The installation of this app also includes AdVision setting up the first form.

- Add form(s) to product pages
- Formats and works with site design
- Collect additional information prior to checkout

Why this App/Service : Certain products need more information gathered prior to the checkout process.