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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Administrative Apps / Services

Allows your customers, to use the balance on their Gift Card(s) as a payment option during eCom checkout.


$ 600.00 USD - One-time & $ 9.99 USD - Monthly Subscription
  • Flow Graph Illustrating the Gift Cards App

  • Example of option to choose Gift Card on Checkout page

  • Example of option to Enter Gift Card code on Checkout page

  • Example of Gift Card product detail page

  • Example of Gift Card on Product Category/Grid page

  • Admin view of the Gift Card App

Description : You sell your Gift Cards online or in-store and as you do, you build them into your Lightspeed Retail POS (LSR).

Selling Gift Cards online is straightforward and does not require AdVision's assistance, as you create them as products by their value, $25, $50 etc, and sell them as you would any other product, via a category (Gift Cards) you assign on eCom.  

What is more of a challenge is to have your customers use the value of those Gift Cards during the checkout process as a payment option.

AdVision has created our Gift Cards app that works in conjunction with a back-up payment gateway - Stripe or - and they are used in case a Gift Card balance does note cover the full balance due.

The Gift Card app reads the value/data from your LSR and when you customer enters a 'code' within the eCom checkout process, the app will determine the available balance on the card.

If customer selects to pay via Gift Card during eCom checkout, customer is forward to custom payment page to look up Gift Card(s) balances to make payment and can enter how much of the card balance they'd like to use for the current purchase

The app is set to work with Stripe or but can also be configured to work in tandem with any payment gateway provider you may be using. This may require additional time to install dependent on your payment gateway of choice and the specific type of account you have with them.

- Reads the Gift Cards that you setup in Lightspeed Retail
- Can be customized for any 3rd party payment processor
- Custom enters gift card's code to look up balance
- Allows customer to use multiple Gift Cards per order

Why this App/Service : Allow customers to use their Lightspeed Retail Gift Cards as payment option, when placing an order on your eCom site.