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Hover Content Display

Hover Content Display

Interactive Apps / Services

Visual effects that loads other content when the mouse hovers over an imange on any given page.


$ 400.00 USD - One-time

Description : Promotes interactivity (UX) by having the visitor trigger other content data to load beneath their cursor, while hovering over specific text or an image on a page.

This can be setup to trigger for example, as a visitor is on a 'Category' page and rolling over the thumbnail images, a popup box can appear under the cursor showing the colors available.

Search filters, call to action and loading specific dynamic content can all be customize with this effect.

- Promotes visitors interactivity
- Speeds up product presentation and navigation
- Can be customized for most content

Why this App/Service : Speeds up content presentation and navigation by providing links and option to the visitor at the preliminary source (images or text), rather then having them navigate on to subsequent pages.