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Lookbook Gallery

Lookbook Gallery

Interactive Apps / Services

Create Lookbook imagery, to encourage visitor interaction (UX) and directing their browsing.


$ 600.00 USD - One-time

Description : The Lightspeed eCom Web store features 'Categories' and 'Product' pages as part of the standard browsing experience and sometimes, more dynamic imagery, 'on' or 'in between' these pages can help direct the visitors to what you wish to showcase.

The Lookbook app allows you to self-administer all content, slideshows images and text, on certain pages, so as to focus attention on specific products while also enhancing the visitor overall interaction (UX) with the Web Store.

There are many ways of how this Lookbook functionality can be seen on an eCom Web Store.

For example, you could...

a - Load to an area on your homepage
b - Display thin horizontal banner images above each category
c - Show a larger slideshow that appears on it's own page

- Incentivize visitors by showcasing designers or brands
- Add and control other visual elements beyond product data
- Helps direct the visitor to specfic products or categories

Why this App/Service : To create a visual break from the standard eCom Web Store navigation process and to insert imagery to attract and direct the visitors browsing.