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Order Transfer

Order Transfer

Administrative Apps / Services

Move historic data between Lightspeed Retail 'shops' within your LSR 'account'.


$ 300.00 USD - One-time

Description : The Order Transfer app works to move past order data from one Lightspeed Retail 'shop' to another, within the same Lightspeed Retail 'account'.

This is very useful when setting up new 'shops' and needing to transfer older data to maintain records.

The app allows you to target the 'shop'' and orders within that 'shop' by date range, that you want to move data from, and set which 'shop' that data should be moved to within your LSR 'account'.

- Moves historic data between LSR 'shops'
- Saves Time and Money in recreating manually
- Ideal, when reorganizing your 'shop' structure within LSR

Why this App/Service : Lightspeed presently does not offer a comprehensive solution to export historical data between LSR 'shops' within an account.