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Lightspeed eCom - The Rollout

Lightspeed eCom - The Rollout

Development Packages

Customized on the LIghtspeed eCom Web Store platform, the Rollout is a 3 Stage Development Package - based on an existing theme from the Lightspeed Marketplace.


$ 3,900.00 USD - One-time

Description : The Rollout is AdVision's 'entry level', eCom Web Store Development Package and it is based on using an ‘existing theme’ from the Lightspeed Marketplace that you subscribe to.  

Because the theme already exists and consequently the initial layout and programming is in place, this reduces the time that is needed to customize the theme.

AdVision will then go through our 3 stage Development process to address the visual design and branding of your Web Store theme as well as work through our comprehensive list of over 240 tasks, as we guide you on the 30+ task locally that will you need to address.

Working in concert with our clients, a Rollout project usually launches within 4 - 6 weeks, as long as the client is able to addresse all of what they need to do locally.

All of our packages are 'scalable' and any work that may be required outside of this list of Services, such as Add-On Functionality, can be added during the development, or at any future time after launch.

- Rebrand/Design
- Existing Lightspeed eCom Theme - Program & Code
- Theme - Includes 8 Hrs Add-On Functionality Programming
- Address eCom self-administration portal presets
- Format Static Content PCI Pages
- Internal Search Engine Optimization
- Registration, Google Tools & Analytics setup
- Security Review
- SSL & Other Vulnerabilities
- Mobile Responsiveness Review
- Performance & Compatibility Testing
- Documentation & Launch Guidance
- 1 Year eCom Ongoing Web Store Support

Why this App/Service : To offer a fully comprehensive Lightspeed eCom Web Store development, for clients that subscribe to a Lightspeed Web Store theme.