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Out-of-Stock Options

Out-of-Stock Options

Administrative Apps / Services

Turn 'OFF' the options for out-of-stock products, thus preventing display of that product in a colour or size matrix option, you don't have in stock.


$ 600.00 USD - One-time

Description : The disable Out-of-Stock Options app can be installed to address an existing limitation in the functionality of the Lightspeed eCom Web Store, specific to the inability to turn "off" specific options of a product when they are out-of-stock, resulting in displaying an out-of-stock item's details.

AdVision’s application has the ability to automatically hide or disable options that are out-of-stock, so users are unable to select options that would display an out-of-stock product details page. This is done by either 'hiding' or 'greying out' the options that are not available.

For example, if a product has options setup for Color and Size and user selects select Color = Red, but Red isn't available in sizes 2 or 6, the app will hide/ disable the selections for sizes 2 and 6.

If the user switches to Color = Green, and if 2 and 6 are available in Green, then sizes 2 and 6 would show as available.

- Overrides Lightspeed's functionality limitation
- Display/make available only product options in stock


Why this App/Service : Address an existing limitation in the functionality of the Lightspeed eCom Web Store.