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Website/Blog - Custom Development

Website/Blog - Custom Development

Development Packages

Visually customize either the Lightspeed eCom's blog component or WordPress to match your eCom Web Store theme.


$ 1,800.00 USD - One-time

Description : For Lightspeed eCom users, you have a choice in regards to what 'website/blog platform' you may wish to integrate.

It is recommended that if you have just a very few simple pages and posts that you will not necessarily be updated regularly, you can subscribe to Lightspeed eCom blog component, that is easy and cost effective, but does have some limitations. It is the preferred choice as it keeps you 'blog/website' and the 'eCom Web Store' together sharing the same URL and not on a 'subdomain -'.

However this is now always possible, as you may already have a website using WordPress - that features far more pages and content built into it or you may be looking for this WordPress platform to build a website outside of the eCom Web Store -

AdVision offers customization of these two platforms so as to match visually the Lightspeed eCom theme and its navigation and seach functionality interplay between them.

Gives your company the ability to present a cohesive brand and image, of your online presence.

- Visually match the look of your blog/website with the Web Store
- Full self-administrative tools to build your own pages/posts
- Presents a seamless visitors experience (UX)
- WordPress has 100's of tools and apps easily integrated

Why this App/Service : To offer a development package that takes an existing website or WordPress blog, and help visually and functionally bring together with the eCom Web Store , into a seamless visitor's experience (UX).